LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

AGS Gas can advise, supply, fit and maintain your LPG fired heating system via a complete package of design and installation. Utilising modern, high efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstar Compact, System or Highflow boilers we aim to provide high quality systems.

If you are not connected to the gas grid then your options are basically LPG, oil or solid fuel. Solid fuel is a lot more expensive to use, most people opt for either oil or LPG.
Compared to an oil fired boiler the LPG boilers are not only quieter and more compact they are also cheaper to buy. Although LPG is a fossil fuel it burns cleaner than oil and produces less carbon which helps to reduce your carbon foot print. In terms of efficiency the modern LPG condensing boiler can achieve a rating of over 90%.
Also an LPG fuel tank can be sited underground which avoids the tank showing in your garden.

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